Guj.OOO is a platform that has been designed for the people of Gujarat, so that they can create their own Digital Identities.

What is Guj.OOO?

Guj.OOO is a first-of-its kind platform that allows Gujarat Citizens to create their online Digital Identities. Your Digital identities will comprise of the following:

  • Your Personal Web Address URL.
  • Personal Email id.
  • Upto 10 GB online secured storage space.

Additionally, you get a host of Exclusive Offers, Benefits and Assured gifts when you sign-up and verify your Aadhar card on the platform.

Why Guj.OOO identity?

Guj.OOO offers a host of benefits

  • Because with the help of a free website builder, you can have your own unique website, forming a vital part of your Digital Identity.
  • Because you get to have your own Email ID, absolutely free of cost - which you can use your Email id for any purpose - official or not.
  • Because you get an online document storage space of up to 10GB, where you can store all your important digital documents.
  • Because you get Exclusive Discount Offers & Assured Gifts*