Cloud Storage

Free Cloud Storage

An important part of providing the people of Gujarat with an exclusive Digital Identity, is also providing them with an exclusive and the best cloud storage.

Guj.OOO gives you an answer.

Cloud Storage of up to 10GB

How many times have you felt the need to carry a folder with you just to have all your important documents within your reach, at all times? And how many of those times have you tried to be extra careful about that folder, so you don’t lose it at any cost?

Guj.OOO brings you, not just an alternative, but with progressing times, a necessity.

With the free online storage of up to 10GB provided to you with a Guj.OOO account, you can save umpteen documents, which will only be accessible to you - the password holder of the account.

This concept of cloud storage is also to lets us move towards a paperless, and so a more eco-friendly society by gradually diminishing the use of physical documents altogether.

Online Storage offered via Digital Locker

Think of it as your quintessential bank locker, where you keep all your expensive, and hence, most important belongings under a lock and key. So you are, at all times, the only person to know the content of your locker. And you are essentially the only person who decides, whoever gets an access to the locker.

You are basically the sole owner of the key.

A Digital Locker is similar to that bank locker, except that it’s virtual, and so much better.