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Create your own Website for Free

Whether you’re a homemaker, or a nine-to-fiver; an employee, or an employer - a website is no longer something to just flaunt about - it serves a greater purpose today. It is very much a necessity. We live in a busy world today, and it’s next to impossible to meet each and every person face to face. Then, how do you let people know about you? How do you interact with the people who’d like to know more about you?

Guj.OOO gives you an answer.

At Guj.OOO, we work towards giving the people of Gujarat their unique digital identity. As you register to get a Guj.OOO account, you also get to create your own website for free.

It’s just a two -step process, where you SMS your name to 9227008959, and in turn, you receive an SMS with your personal URL, Temp password and Email Identity to your registered mobile number.

Plus, you can envision your website any way you want to; and with as many website customization tools available with us, we make you as well equipped as we can to transform that vision into reality.

In order to create a verified digital identity, we make sure to verify your personal website as per the Aadhar card details entered by you. This way, you not only create a free website, but you also make sure that your website is a secure place for anyone who wants to gather information from there.