Email Account

Create a New Email Account for Free

Guj.OOO is the very first platform that has been built to help the Netizens of Gujarat create a unique Digital Identity for themselves. And an important part of a Digital Identity is an Email account.

Need for an Email Account

For Internet security purposes, there are several steps to authenticate the identity of a person trying to make any communication or transaction on the network. The very basic, and hence the most important step is having a secure Email account to your name.

Also, with so many similar names around us, and almost everyone today having multiple email accounts - there’s always a negligible chance of getting an email address of our own choice. So moving away from the world of having to use random numbers or odd characters to make an email id, Guj.OOO offers you the ability to have your own name as your email account username.

Need for an Email Account

Understanding this very well, Guj.OOO users get a Free Personal email account that offers various advanced features like anti-spamming, anti-virus, etc, on registration. You will also be provided with the ability to digitally sign your emails to ensure better security. And you can rest assured that no one except your intended recipients would be able to read your email messages.

You will even be able configure, sync, and then access and manage your email account via your mobile phone - at anytime, from anywhere. The username for your new email account will be your Guj.OOO email address without the Guj.OOO extension, and your password will be the same as your Guj.OOO account password.