Frequently Asked Questions

Guj.OOO is a first-of-its kind platform that allows Gujarat Citizens to create their online Digital Identities. Your Digital identities will comprise of the following
  • Your Personal Web Address URL.
  • Personal Email id.
  • Upto 10 GB secured storage space.

Additionally, you get a host of Exclu sive Offers, Benefits and Assured gifts when you sign-up and verify your Aadhar card on the platform.
Guj.OOO offers a host of benefits
  • Personal Web Address URL which is Aadhar verified
  • FREE Email.
  • FREE 10GB cloud storage space
  • Secured Document upload and management
  • Exclusive Discount Offers & Assured Gifts*.
Once you create a account, you get your personal web address URL with a domain that displays your public profile page.
This is your profile page which will be displayed when someone types your URL. You can access your public profile from any browser or mobile devices.
For instance, if you create an account with user name darshanpatel, then your personal web address URL will be
On a successful sign-up, you get the following:

  • Your personal web address. You can use your personal web address in a variety of ways such as to sell products on line or tell more about yourself to the world.
  • FREE Email
  • FREE Storage space of up to 10 GB to store important documents securely in your dashboard.
  • An opportunity to EARN Exclusive OFFERS and Discounts on your online activities.
  • Other Value added services such as special discounts, news feed, government communications etc.
You can create your Guj.OOO account in only 3 simple steps. You can choose to create your account either through a single SMS OR through the Guj.OOO home page.
Sign-up through SMS
  • SMS from your mobile to 9227008959.
  • You will receive a reply SMS with You will receive SMS with your personal URL. Temp password and Email Identity to your registered mobile number.
  • Activate your Account: Type your personal URL sent to you in the SMS. Login using your Email id and temporary password sent to you in the SMS.
Sign-up through Home Page
  • Check Name availability & Click Sign-Up
  • Complete Sign-up Form!
  • Verify your mobile through OTP
Please type the required name in the check name box on the home page. In case the name is not available, you will be provided suggestions for the names.
Click on “Sign-up ow” button and Fill the form. You will be required to enter your Aadhar number for verification.
On clicking “Create Account” button, an OTP(One Time Password) will be sent by UIDAI to the mobile number registered with your Aadhar.
Enter the OTP and click “Verify OTP” button. Once the OTP button is validated the sign up and login is complete and you will receive details on the links to your profile page, login instructions etc.
Currently, you only require a valid Gujarat based mobile number to create your digital identity.

However, we strongly recommend an Aadhar card and the mobile number registered with your Aadhar to successfully verify yourself once your account is created. On successful verification, you can enjoy special promotions offers from our partners such free recharge etc.
We believe in empowering every citizen to have an online presence. Hence, creating your personal identity on Guj.OOO is absolutely FREE!

So, go ahead and create your online identity and take advantage of the numerous benefits.
Currently, you only require a valid Gujarat based mobile number to create your digital identity.

However, we strongly recommend an Aadhar card and the mobile number registered with your Aadhar to successfully verify yourself once your account is created. On successful verification, you can enjoy special promotions offers from our partners such free recharge etc.
A Guj.OOO verified digital identity comprises of a personal web address that has been verified for the Aadhar card details as entered by the user.

We have created the verification process to build trust within the online community by ensuring that users creating the identity are authenticated as per their Aadhar card records.

From your dashboard, you have an option to verify your digital Identity with your Aadhar card. You will enjoy additional benefits and services if you have verified your Aadhar card details.
You can create only one account.
An OTP is sent by UIDAI only to the registered mobile number in the Aadhar records. Hence, you will need access the mobile number registered with Aadhar to validate the OTP and create an account.

Alternatively, you can update your new number with Aadhar and try again.
Your public profile page is your identity to the outside world. Your public profile by default has special templates displayed for you.

Through the public profile page, you can login to your dashboard to access you emails, upload documents and access other features. The public profile can also be customized using many pre-loaded templates available in your dashboard.
Yes, absolutely, your public profile page is secure and can be changed only by you when you login using your password.
Enter your password you entered during the .OOO account creation to login. On successful login you will be able to access the dashboard.
You can access your emails from the email tab in your dashboard.

Login to your dashboard from your public profile page using your password. Click on My Email tab in the dashboard which will take you to the Email login page.

Enter your username and password to login. The Username will be your email id without the extension. For instance, if you have created your digital identity as, then enter anupkumar as the username.

The password is the same as your account password.
Yes, Absolutely! The email you receive with your digital identity is a powerful email solution which can be used as your primary email address.
The Login credentials are the same as your account credentials;
Username: the username is your email address without the extension
Password: the password is the same as your account password.
YES, you can configure and sync emails from your email on to your mobile device by making the following settings on your mobile device:

For Android Phone:

  • Click on the Email App
  • Enter the Username as your email address. For eg.
  • Enter the Password, which is the same as your account password
  • Click Next and Select on IMAP
  • The Email will be configured automatically.
  • In case you get error, you can set up the email manually by entering the incoming and outgoing mail server details as mentioned under the iPhone devices.

Your Email is ready to use on your mobile. The emails will sync and you can retrieve the emails when you want from your mobile device.

For iPhone/iPad Devices:

  • From the Settings, click on the Mail, Contact and Calendar.
  • Click on Add Account and Choose on Other option.
  • Click on Add Mail Account
  • On New Account enter the following:
    • Name: The name of your new email account.
    • Email: Your email address
    • Password: Your account password
    • Description: Label this new email account
  • Click Next and Select IMAP. Enter the following Details for IMAP:
    Incoming Mail Server
    • Host Name:
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: Your account password
    Outcoming Mail Server
    • Host Name:
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: Your account password
  • Click on Next to complete the settings process
    Your email will be configured on your device. Access the Emails to access your emails.
On successful sign-up, you will automatically be sent a welcome Email with ALL our Exclusive Partner Offers on your Email id.

Kindly access the Offers Email sent your email id for viewing the offers. To redeem an offer, note the PROMO Code and click on the offer coupon. You will be redirected to the Partner’s Offer page.

You can enter your PROMO code on the Partner’s website to redeem the offer.

Additionally, you will receive many more offers and discounts from our partners that will be sent directly to your email on a periodic basis.
Don’t’ worry, it happens. To retrieve your password, follow these steps:
  • Type your personal web address URL.
  • Click on the Forgot Password link just below the login input fields.
  • To initiate a Password Reset, Click on the Generate OTP to verify your mobile number:
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile. Please enter the same on the screen to verify your mobile number.
  • On Successful mobile verification, your Password would be reset and the NEW Password would be sent to your mobile through SMS.
  • We strongly recommend you to CHANGE your password as soon as possible by login in to your dashboard.
If you have already logged in through your public profile, you can login to your dashboard in 2 ways
  • Type your complete web address URL and append it with /my_account. For instance, if your username is, and if you have already logged in from your profile page, you can directly login to your dashboard by entering
  • Type your web address URL and the click on the Logout button. Login again with your credentials to directly access your dashboard.
You get up to 10 GB storage space to upload your documents and receive documents. You can start uploading the documents from your dashboard through the “My Uploaded documents” tab.
You can upload your important documents such as certificates, mark sheets etc.
Only documents and images are allowed for upload. Kindly note users cannot upload videos.

The content uploaded is the sole responsibility of the user and cannot be against any prevalent IT and Data policy act and cannot contain materials that are illicit, illegal, copy right infringement etc. Kindly refer to the terms and conditions for further information.
Go to your dashboard and click on the My Documents tab. From the My Documents tab you have the button to upload documents.